Our Process

The chicken doesn’t cook itself. Our top-quality ingredients are evident in the finished product, and with the portions you receive.

Hand-Cut Daily

Serving the famous and delicious “Chicken In The Rough” half-fried chicken dinner, we use fresh chicken, never frozen. We only use whole chickens that are brought in regularly throughout the week to ensure freshness. We cut our whole chickens into 8 pieces daily to give you the most delicious and freshest dinner possible – most places are 9 or 10, meaning you’re getting the best value at McCarthy’s. Breast, thigh, leg, and wing are expertly cut every day.

Bang For Your Buck

If you order a half-chicken dinner at McCarthy’s, you are getting, literally, half of a chicken. A whole breast, thigh, leg and wing. When you order our family pak you are getting 16 pieces which is two whole chickens!

You are not only getting the freshest hand-cut chicken possible, but you are also getting the most value for your money because you are being served whole pieces of chicken from chickens cut by hand that day.

We are excited to see and serve you here at McCarthy’s!